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Diy floating shelves

Can you make your own floating shelves?

Nowadays, a diy floating shelves or decorative shelf is one of the elements in interior decoration that creates a significant change in the appearance of empty walls and makes them look uniform and straightforward.

These shelves are a kind of decorative element in decoration, and in addition to creating beauty and charm in the home environment, they optimize the space. You can use them to place books or various items.

Wall shelves cover a wide range of tastes from classic to modern design, from simple wood colors to different colors. With this introduction, in the continuation of this article of DIY724, we will examine diy floating shelves and diy hanging shelves in more detail so Stay with us.

Diy floating shelves and wall shelf features


  • diy floating shelves and wall boxes can be considered a place to put the necessary items.
  • They have different uses in all places, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet.
  • These types of shelves are mainly used in the design of houses in minimalism.
  • Shelves help keep the space tidy and clean, and their color is chosen according to the desired decoration.
  • Some people use them to display family photos, while others store essentials in their homes.

How to DIY Floating Shelves? building floating shelves

Today I’m going to show you how I created these gorgeous jumbo DIY floating shelves. I hope you love them as much as I do! Remember that if you want to customize them for your space, change the measurements, switch up the stain color or paint! Get creative! Precise and to the point with fantastic and clever ideas on how to make the shelves.

How do you make a strong floating shelf?

A tip for hanging these types of shelves (or cabinets) in the future is to temporarily screw in a couple of pieces of wood to the wall as “ledges”, then you can sit the back of your heavier shelf (or cabinet) on it while you attach it to the wall.

Wall shelf applications

These shelves have both decorative and functional aspects. In both cases, their use in interior decoration changes the house’s appearance and gives it a tidy appearance.

1. Kitchen wall shelf



Floating wall shelves are very simple and easily match the decoration of the kitchen. In addition to creating a stylish and clean space in the kitchen, they are also used to store items.

2. Diy floating shelves for bathrooms and toilets



The easily accessible diy floating shelves allows people to quickly access the items they need. These shelves in the bathroom and toilet next to the sink create a clean and tidy appearance and make the decoration beautiful.

3. Living room wall shelf


The best and most practical idea for optimizing the living room space is to use a decorative wall shelf. And can be easily mounted on the wall and provide enough space to place books and objects. With these shelves, we Can create a tidy space away from any disturbance in the living room decoration, and this place can be made purposeful and neat.

4. Use the wall shelf as a library



You can use diy floating shelves to arrange books neatly. With a beautiful arrangement for books next to them, you will have a modern environment where decorative objects are used. In addition to arranging things, the space has been used efficiently. Remember that you will have an attractive environment when using shelves for books if you use colors that match the decoration.

5. Use the wall shelf behind the TV



Installing a TV wall shelf makes the wall attractive and creates a massive change in the wall view. In addition to creating beauty, these shelves take the wall behind the TV out of simplicity and monotony, significantly impacting home decoration. If the wall behind the TV is colored, you can use natural flowers and decorative items in neutral colors on its shelves.

Ideas for using diy floating shelves

When using diy floating shelves, you should also pay attention to their material and other things so that you can make the best use of the frames in the long run.

1. Use the right color like wood shelves diy


It is more beautiful to use wall shelves when it is in harmony with the environment. For example, if used in a neutral color and wood design, it is better to use brackets in this color when using frames.

2. Use proper lighting


As you can see in the pictures, the lighting in these places has made the diy floating shelves more attractive. The brightness of the space around the frames attracts the attention of every viewer and creates a beautiful view in home decoration.

3. Use decorative items and flowers and plants


Simultaneous use of soft light, shelves, and decorative items creates a relaxing atmosphere. The use of light in areas where darker colors are used enhances the appearance of the equipment. If natural flowers can be used in this environment, the design of the house will be unique and wonderful.

The use of colorful objects and equipment on shelves and walls with a neutral or soft color makes the space more lively and the environment out of monotony. If you plan to place decorative objects on the shelves, it is better to harmonize the items.

Types of wall shelves based on their material


Different types of decorative diy floating shelves and additional materials are used in their construction. For example, MDF wall shelves and boxes, glass, wood, metal, etc., are examples of wall shelves that you can use to decorate the walls and space of the room.

In choosing the material of the shelves used and the house’s design, decoration, and layout, consider the weight of the items to be placed on it. Although all frames usually have enough strength to withstand high weights, paying attention to these points is better when buying and installing shelves.


In this post, we provide tips on using diy floating shelves in interior decoration. We hope that by reading this article, you became familiar with the models and applications of these diy wall shelves. If you wish, share your views, criticisms, and suggestions with us to improve the quality of the content.


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