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Lighting design  is one of the most critical topics in interior design science. Have you ever been attracted to a breathtaking and unobtrusive decoration from the very beginning without realizing why?
The point is that the place itself may not be lovely, but the correct lighting of the home decoration has done something that makes it more attractive than its normal state.
house lighting ideas has a significant effect on beautifying the interior decoration, but you should pay attention to choosing where you should light and the way of lighting. 

We can even make our lights and DIY lamps of lighting design with DIY Bedroom decor to customize different home parts according to our taste.

 Types of lighting design for home | types of lighting in interior design


 • Natural lighting

In lighting design for home, The quality of natural light is very high compared to artificial light, but it varies according to different hours of the day.  The light that enters the building space from the windows is adjusted by using various curtain models and illuminates the area as needed.  The construction of different buildings should be done so that natural light enters the interior space through windows or skylights.

 • Artificial lighting

Due to the lack of natural light, at night, should use lighting elements to perform various activities.  Artificial lighting refers to the use of light other than natural sunlight.  Artificial lighting design is done in three ways: centralized, general, and local, which mention below.

1. Concentrated lighting

This element also called spotlighting, illuminates only one point in the space.  Concentrated lighting is used in the interior or exterior design to highlight certain aspects, such as a historical sculpture or a work of art.  By using this light, a useless and insignificant space will become an attractive space.

2. General lighting

As its name implies, general lighting scatters light evenly in the space and provides the necessary lighting for various activities.

3. Local lighting

Unlike general lighting, a spotlight uses to illuminate a specific space, such as a dining table or study table.  This light separates a particular area from other parts of the building. check Candle making

 • Intelligent lighting

In today’s modern world, building lighting is implemented intelligently with the advancement of science and technology.  The intelligent lighting system allows residents to control the brightness of the building by using software installed on a mobile phone or laptop.

This software changes the light intensity of the lamp or even its color. And even remotely and outside the building can control the lighting. As a result, bright lighting significantly optimizes energy consumption in the building, is very economical, and reduces electricity bills.

DIY lighting

Home lighting is usually expensive and time consuming. To save your time, you can make handmade lamps or diy cloud light and even LED lights that are both cheaper and personalize your home. Here are some videos on YouTube about DIY Lighting to get ideas. See, get ideas and enjoy. check diy neon sign

(this video is about DIY LED light bulb that found on Jugaad channel)

(this video is about 16 Cool And Awesome Projects With LED Lights that found on I Love Creativity)

Different places of home interior lighting – lighting design home

There are different parts of the home, and for each region, we have different lighting design. below we mention some of the lighting design for home.



lighting design in home; 

living room

As you know, the beauty of the living room is more important than other parts of the house. Because when you have a party in the living room or spend most of your time on the sofa in the room, most people spend their time studying, watching TV, and living room furniture.  So the room’s lighting should be such that it attracts the guests and you should also feel comfortable there. So it should have adjustable light, and because it does not have access to sunlight, there should be enough light on the ceiling for the living room.

Read more about living room lighting.

Because the living room and reception area use for a lot of work, the lighting in this area should be easily controllable. Can entirely adjust it due to the lack of light (lack of natural light or daylight) and the position of the room.  In the living room and use of general lighting, central or spotlighting also use.  For example, spotlighting is used to provide lighting design, highlight the living space, and emphasize using to decorate art on the wall.



Corridor and staircase lighting

Corridor and entrance are the first parts of the house that family members and guests encounter. To choose the right lighting design especially for this part of the house, you can use a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling and create a suitable space.  The use of halogen lamps is another good idea that you can use in this field.  It is also recommended to use a mirror.



 Kitchen lighting

Speaking of lighting design, kitchen lighting design is more important.  It is necessary to implement all three lighting methods in the kitchen.  But keep in mind that you can use some light bulbs for many purposes.  The general lighting in the kitchen is such that it should provide the necessary lighting to do the job.  That’s why they install lamps on top of the cabinet so that the light illuminates the counter.



Dining room lighting

In dining room light fixtures, the main focus is on the dining table.  You can have general lighting in this room and use centralized lighting to improve the light and increase the beauty of the dining table. Public lighting provides the necessary light for the whole room and centralized lighting to emphasize the dining table.



 Bedroom lighting

An essential thing in choosing a suitable lighting device in the bedroom is to create enough light for daily activities. Still, in addition to that, the bedroom should be considered relaxing.  Many designers recommend using base lampshades in the bedroom.  It is better not to use only one lamp in the middle of the ceiling in the bedroom. for more ideas and diy of bedroom wall lighting follow the link.



Bathroom lighting

In lighting design, The best idea for Bathroom lighting fixtures is to use practical lighting methods.  The use of decorative lighting in the bathroom also creates a special glow in the bathroom.  Remember to use a suitable place to do this to use a lamp for decorative lighting.

Decorative lamps are used to make the counters and mirrors in these places more beautiful.  The lighting around the mirror allows people to see their image clearly in it, and the mirror reflects light to make the bathroom and toilet more beautiful.


 outdoor lighting

Landscaping and green spaces look more attractive with lighting and convey a sense of security and mastery of the environment to the person.  The lighting equipment of these spaces is different from the equipment used for building facades and interior decoration.  Floor-mounted lights and wall and park lights are among the lighting elements for yards and parks.  The lighting of the yards is mainly due to illuminating the passage of people and creating security for them, but we cannot ignore its importance in terms of the beauty of the table.


Wall lighting

Generally, walls are one of the most accessible and sometimes the least used parts in any space.  Contrary to popular belief, the lighting in this area is also crucial and can play a role in the room’s overall beauty.  For example, in Tiny house lighting if details such as bedding, shelves, and other decorative elements are used, choosing a suitable lighting device and installing it in the right place is essential.

Doing so can bring a lot of visual appeal to the room.  Installing the lamp in the right place must be done very carefully.  For example, if the design of the living room is contemporary style and stone has been used in the creation of its wall, it is better to use a suitable lamp on the stone.  Doing this can display the natural pattern of the rock and bring a beautiful atmosphere.

Here are some essential points of lighting design for home

 Does the lighting have layers?

lighting design  has three layers, General lighting, decorative lighting, and functional lighting.  To make these three layers of lighting tangible, we can name the bedroom lighting methods.  In the bedroom, a chandelier is used for general lighting of the room.  In addition, study lights use for functional lighting, and wall lights above the shelves use to create decorative lighting.

  Is it necessary to use dimmers?

In lighting design, Among the significant side effects of lighting is the lighting method based on the weather conditions of the room.  Using dimmers is an excellent idea because they are a kind of remote control to select the amount of light.  Other advantages include low installation costs.

 Are lighting methods focused?

In lighting design, The effect of lighting varies according to the desired space.  So you have to remember that each lighting fixture has its function and application.  The use of indirect lighting creates a calm atmosphere.

Lighting is known as an essential element in interior decoration.  So that if you have used a unique design in the design of the desired space, but you have not used proper lighting in it, its beauty will not be visible.

lighting design is one of the key points that help to create a cozy atmosphere in the home.  Using the right lighting fixtures will make things easier for you and make you feel more comfortable.  What we talked about in this article was providing some ideas to make the proper lighting design.  Using these solutions can help you choose the right lighting fixtures.

And the most importantly, get ready to do it yourself and get creative in lighting your spaces.

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