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Kitchen lighting design ideas +DIY

Kitchens are the heart of the home and the center of family life, which can use for eating, relaxing, and doing homework and other chores, so kitchen lighting design and lighting for kitchen is critical in designing the kitchen’s interior.

For kitchen lighting design, you should not use expensive and fancy chandeliers and lights. Still, it is better to add to the beauty and dignity of the kitchen with correct lighting and in harmony with the interior design of the kitchen.  Whether single or married, the kitchen is essential for women, so join us in this kitchen lights and types of kitchen lighting article.


DIY Kitchen lighting ideas

this video on Jansen’s DIY, show us 21 kitchen lighting ideas that you can watch and get ideas from it.

 The best ideas for kitchen lighting design – types of kitchen lighting

According to The kitchen lighting design and these key points, you can have a modern and stylish kitchen and enjoy it.

  •  Case lighting in the kitchen

Occasional lighting is essential in the kitchen.  Lighting is a must for cabinets, drawers, kitchen counters, and sinks  because these are usually the most used parts of the kitchen.



  •  Lighting inside the kitchen cabinets

Lighting is vital in any space.  For lighting inside the cabinet, it is better to use unique lights inside and under the ceiling of each cabinet. Install these lights in the front part of the cabinet to be a few inches away from the door.

Can also use led kitchen lighting filaments for lighting inside the cabinet.  For cabinets that have glass doors and are decorated inside, can install a suitable light in the back of the cabinet.

  •  Lighting inside the kitchen drawers

To light up inside the drawers and see better inside the drawer, especially at night, you can consider lights for this part that turn on the light by opening the drawer door and turn it off by closing it.



  •  Kitchen counter lighting – lowest kitchen lighting

The counter is used to do most of the work in the kitchen.  The counter is located right on the cabinet, so to light up space, install the lights under the cabinet and use a light source that diffuses light on the surface of the kitchen counter to prevent light reflection.


  •  Using low beam lights – small kitchen lighting ideas

Illuminate the work surfaces below the cabinets with a low-voltage twist tool.  Low-beam lights in a small kitchen give off a warm beam, and colors are usually accentuated by reflecting light from fixed shelves.  If the shelves have attractive doors, you can highlight their surface by directing light on them.

here is a video of Easy Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting that found on AtHomeWithNikki.

here is a video of LED lights under the cabinet of kitchen watch it and learn.



  • kitchen island lighting

If you use the kitchen island for food preparation or other tasks, your lighting should be adequate.  By using low-beam lights, you can illuminate the kitchen’s central island, or you can use pendants to create a beautiful view in this area and implement occasional lighting.

Create a drop decor by hanging a hanging shelf on the island and placing utensils on it, and attaching small dot sources inside them.  Always control the lights on the central island on a circuit separate from other lighting fixtures in the kitchen.


  • Lighting above the kitchen sink

To illuminate the sink, install suitable lights at the top of the sink for kitchen lighting design.


  •  High kitchen lights

A high-ceilinged kitchen can use cabinet counters to install high-beam lights and produce general light, and This reduces the number of low beam lights resources required.

Lighting the upper part of the kitchen cabinets

For general and at the same time decorative lighting, you can use the light source in the upper part of the cabinet.

  • Built-in kitchen lighting design

If possible, choose built-in and semi-built-in tools for kitchen lighting design because all non-built-in lighting fixtures absorb dirt and grease from cooking.  You can illuminate the entire surface of the kitchen floor by having light sources inside the basement of the central island.

 Chandeliers and lamps suitable for the kitchen lighting design

Chandeliers are the best kitchen lighting fixtures for use in the kitchen island area.  The use of modern chandeliers above the dining table in the kitchen or at the top of the island will have a beautiful view.  There are different types of kitchen chandeliers, so pay attention to home decoration when choosing a chandelier.


  •  Decorative pendant lights

If you use decorative pendant lights to illuminate the kitchen, make sure they are individual.  When installing these hangers, please pay attention to their distance from the counter.  This distance should be about 30 inch.

In this video that found on Rad Dad Builds, we will show you how to create Modern Kitchen Island Hanging Light Fixture .watch and learn


  •  Use a built-in ceiling lamp

Recessed ceiling lamps are prevalent today, and many people tend to use them in interior design and kitchen lighting design.  The use of these lighting fixtures has a classic aspect and has high efficiency.  One of the factors that many people are interested in using is their compatibility with various styles in the kitchen.

As the name implies, these lamps are installed inside the ceiling.  The use of these lamps has advantages and disadvantages at the same time.  Among the advantages of using built-in ceiling lamps, we can mention their simplicity, and This makes it possible to use them in various design styles.

One of the disadvantages of using this lamp model is the creation of shadows in the place of light radius.  Therefore, remember that you must also use other types of lamps and other lighting methods in addition to using them.

If your kitchen ceiling has load-bearing beams, use low-voltage spotlight sources and embed light sources between the beams or on the ceiling surface.


  • Wall lights

For kitchen lighting design and a softer, less industrial feel, install wall lights around the top window of the sink.


  •  Use of ceiling lamps – kitchen ceiling lights

Ceiling lamps are an example of the most popular types of lamps in kitchen lighting design among different people.  One of the most significant advantages of using such lamps is general lighting of the kitchen space.

  •  Linear light

Use linear and uniform lighting to illuminate parts of the kitchen, such as under cabinets and false ceilings, instead of spotlights.

To make the kitchen space look more significant for the false ceiling, consider hidden and linear lighting. It will display the linear lights under the cabinets in a suspended and uniform manner.

Are LED lights good for kitchen?

Yes. LED lights are more energy-efficient and are very suitable for the kitchen

  •  Spotlight

Install spotlight sources inside the window frame above the sink, or hide them above the cabinets and direct light beams across the sink.


  •  Use of moving lamps

The use of moving lamps has attracted the attention of many people because they can move and change the direction of lighting.  As you can see in the picture, these lamps are arranged in a row.  Among the capabilities of using these lamps, we can mention adding or subtracting lamps.

You will adjust the amount of light in the kitchen according to your needs and tastes.  The use of this model is widely used and has a significant impact on the kitchen lighting design.


  •  Use of dimmers in kitchen lighting design

Using dimmers is the best way to control the amount and intensity of light and save electricity.  With the help of dimmers, you will adjust and control the right light for different times and different activities in your kitchen.


 How to implement kitchen lighting design?

Experts in this field believe that the best time to find the right place to install different light bulbs is right at the beginning of  kitchen lighting design.  Because if you postpone doing this to the last step, you will undoubtedly face limitations.  For example, places like the part you use to prepare food, above the gas, and above the sink need practical lighting.

Another essential point to consider when you are lighting your kitchen is the size and design of the kitchen.  It is also essential to consider the amount of natural light that enters the kitchen.


kitchen lighting design Final points

Take a look at the kitchen and make sure you do not forget any part. We have said here to provide tips on how to use the right lighting fixtures and kitchen lighting design. Which lighting methods or lighting fixtures did you use in your kitchen?  Which of the following methods for kitchen lighting design and kitchen lighting layout do you think can be most effective?  Do you have any experience with this?  Feel free to share your point of view with us.

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