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How to diy coffee table makeover free?

DIY coffee table makeover ideas

In another article from DIY724, we want to give you a tutorial on diy coffee table makeover. First, we put a video, then wrote the descriptions of that video at the bottom of it so that it is entirely suitable for you to see the necessary training. Stay with us

How do you Modernise a coffee table?

This diy coffee table makeover ended up being free because we already had the coffee table, stain was left over from our kitchen floors, and the steel was left over from my railing project. video its on Mech Master.

we’re going to dive right into disassembling diy coffee table makeover

Tools I used for diy coffee table makeover

  1. an impact drill
  2. a regular drill circular
  3. saw
  4. router sander
  5. another sander
  6. chop saw
  7. grinder flapper
  8. disc grinder
  9. a welder

I used all the metal was leftover from my railing project, and the stain was leftover from redoing my hardwood floors, so as you’re doing projects here and there, you’ll end up stockpiling a whole bunch of materials you get to use for other projects. I think they call that an oval fillet edge.

1. Cut of the old wood part

So I’m going to cut it off the old wood for diy coffee table makeover, I measured the outside of the circular saw to the blade, and then that way I can take that distance. Find something that’s straight like this old piece of trim, clamp it down, and then I got a perfectly straight line.

To ride the saw against and cut it once, I missed all of these at a remarkable 90 degree, even with the whole bowing of the table still got close enough.

Then I did the same thing but now with the blade at an angle, which gave me that nice mitered edge that I was looking for in the first place.

My circular saw goes about 55 degrees, and so well, I maxed it out, and that’s the angle I went. This next step isn’t necessary, but I just wanted an ever so slightly chamfered top edge, and well, it was pretty straightforward. All I did was put in my chamfer bit and put the depth very shallow and took one pass around and more sanding.

Well, I might tell you what I did:

  • Start with 36 grade.
  • Bump it up to 60 grade.
  • Switch over to my palm sander.
  • Finish with 120 grade, making sure I got it smooth as a baby.

2. Add steel to coffee table


This tube is two by 2-inch square tubing. It’s a pretty standard size to pick up at a steel mark for diy coffee table makeover. if you don’t have any metalworking tools pick up a cheap angle grinder from harbor freight, they’re like 10 15 bucks. Can cut your steel and get all the burrs and edges off, making it nice and smooth ready for welding, and once it’s all laid out.

Well, let’s kick it over to the welder. You have to watch out for the welding is OK metal shifts on you as you weld it up. It’s because you’re melting two freaking pieces of metal together. It gets scalding and warps, but counteracting that, you do what’s called tack welds that are just tiny welds on every part.

Since you’re not welding it all up, you’re not adding a lot of heat, so it doesn’t shift on you, so once every piece is tack welded, then you go through and add a full weld around every element.

3. Shine and clean the coffee table

Time to make it shine. Yeah, you want to clean up all of those burrs, all the spatter, and I do it with a flapper disc. It’s just another attachment. You don’t need another angle grinder for it.

And then, to clean off all the oily substances, I use just either acetone or mineral spiller spirits. and more sanding for diy coffee table makeover, well you may have noticed that I was welding on top of the table, well not the top of the table. I flipped it over, and it was welding on top of the bottom of the table.

4. Final steps for diy coffee table makeover

That makes sense because I did one more pass with a 120 on the bottom, and then I switched it over again and did a final pass on the top with 220 grade sandpaper. And that gets us into the final stretch of the stain, so I had a whole bunch leftover from redoing our kitchen floors which, and well, hey might as well make everything match right.

I don’t know if someone’s a stain expert, and can you leave a thick film stain just like that and let it dry? I asked that because I thought that looked cool with it thick on there for diy coffee table makeover.

I attached the base to the top by drilling holes through the metal then using some quarter-inch screws to connect it to the crucial tabletop step. If you do not want to scratch the surface on which you will be putting this table, we’ll pick up some plastic caps.

diy coffee table makeover ideas






old coffee table makeovers


diy welded coffee table





I like how it matches the flooring and the new modern look of those steel legs. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial of diy coffee table makeover and that they were useful and attractive to you.; share your thoughts in the comment with us.


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