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bedroom wall lighting ideas | what is the best lighting for a bedroom?

bedroom wall lighting is an essential point that should be considered to complete the decoration of the bedroom. Many people lie in bed after a long and busy day and spend a lot of time studying, knitting, playing, and solving sudoku puzzles; the bed is not a place where you want to sleep.
That is why the lighting is essential for a space such as a bedroom which must be equally beautiful and practical.

Gone are the days of using industrial-style reading lights. They were the only option for night lighting. But now, you can design the lamps yourself with DIY Bedroom decor, depending on your taste and bedroom’s decoration.
Depending on the tools you use at home, you can make your favorite chandelier at the lowest cost or order it at the lowest price.
According to the tools you have at home, you can make your favorite chandelier at the lowest cost or order it at the lowest price. In this article, we will present some beautiful bedroom wall lighting ideas.

The right light for the bedroom wall lighting | is white light better or yellow?

In bedroom wall lighting The choice of sunlight and moonlight or the so-called white and yellow lights may not be so important at first glance. Light plays a very influential role in your daily activities such as sleep and rest.
Sunlight or yellow lights, due to their warmth, are suitable for spaces where less focused activities perform, such as bedrooms and dining areas.
White lights or moonlight reflect a more refreshing feeling in the space, so these lights are used for work environments or study and study rooms, which sounds unsuitable for an area like a bedroom.

So the right light for the bedroom wall lighting is yellow, but if you do other activities in your bedroom space, such as reading, use a combination of white and yellow lights together.

bedroom wall lighting ideas

 Types of bedroom wall lighting

  •  Light lamps

Desktop lamps with no cover and cap, designed in a contemporary style, allow enough light into space without affecting the space’s decoration.  For example, the white hat that places on top of the lamps adds a contrasting color to the neutral color palette of the bedroom wall lighting.

desktop lamps

  •  Large lampshades

Large lampshades are one of the good examples of bedroom wall lighting principles.  Add a large sconce to the bedroom. Large lampshades are all you need for a small bedroom.  When you have little space, it is essential to use elements that significantly impact the decoration. This type of bedroom wall lighting has the same form and function, provides enough light for both sides of the bed.

Large lampshades

  • Multi-branch chandelier

One of the principles of bedroom wall lighting is the use of diffused lights.  What do you think about the chandelier hanging on the bed?
Use a linear chandelier for lighting to be mounted on top of the bed. You can also use a black crown and gray wallpaper with circular designs in striking and attractive contrast with the white color of the bedspread.

Multi-branch chandelier

  •  French metal sconce

The use of French-style metal wall sconces is a choice that can use in a variety of interior designs such as traditional, modern, and classic. To use of it, you only need to pay attention to the shape of the cap and its metal cover. You can rotate this type of wall sconce in any direction you want using the gear-like part.

  •  Small bedroom wall sconces

Small wall sconces are another excellent example of bedroom wall lighting principles.  Use small, simple sconces next to the bed.  Despite their small size, these lights have a significant impact on the space and complete the design. Small wall sconce lights provide a dazzling glow to the person and reflect the light in different directions due to a screen located next to the lamp.


  •  Simple and practical lampshade

The bohemian style will inspire you to decorate your bedroom. (There are some ideas in the article boho bedroom makeover on a budget.)

Combine different textures and designs with natural colors in this space. Use simple bohemian hanging walls and shiny bronze lampshade bedside it in the room without adding visual weight to the modern style.
In addition, you can DIY bohemian shade with numerous patterns. These lights rotate in different directions and have a lot of flexibility.

bohemian lampshades

Another idea is mixing bohemian hanging walls beside the lampshade. It can be made in diverse designs, thereby giving an exquisite look to your interiors.

mixing bohemian art with lampshade

  •  Leather lampshades

Leather in decoration design can be used as a unique element and significantly impact the design.  Use wall sconces that are made of leather material and add extraordinary beauty to the bedroom decoration. These lampshades sets with the gray bed, white walls with light bedspreads, cushions with patterns, and blankets.

leather for lighting

  • vintage lamps

When in doubt about bedroom wall lighting, choose vintage lights.  Danish medieval wall lights add another layer of warmth to the comfortable bedroom.  The arms of these sconces usually made of wood.  In this bedroom, install the lights at a high height just above the bed so that enough light falls on the bed.

vintage lamp

study lamps

Sometimes it isn’t easy to put aside traditions.  For people who can not quickly put aside the reading lamp, a vintage style and brass cover in the construction of these lamps can prepare them for use in the bedroom wall lighting.  Bring more heat into space with a wooden bed and a hanging blanket.


  •  Chandeliers in the neutral bedroom wall lighting

If you have a neutral bedroom, you can use chandeliers with noticeable colors, such as black. Just be careful to harmonize with the bedroom space.

black lampshade in bedroom


In this article, we found the right light for the bedroom wall lighting and named the types of chandeliers. It depends on you and your taste to find a suitable lamp for the bedroom according to the space and decoration of your bedroom.

Let’s be creative

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