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How to make a dreamcatcher DIY wall decor?

Today, many art and decorative stores sell dreamcatcher, which offer different types and colors. the dreamcatcher has become popular with many people in the world today, and they make dreamcatcher themselves. (Dreamcatcher DIY). 

In addition to being stunning and eye-catching, this tool gives us a new and unique perspective on life. In this article of DIY724, we explain how you can decorate the wall of your bedroom with dreamcatchers. Our purpose is to bring you to the history, symbolism, and use of dreamcatcher.


History and symbolism of Dreamcatcher (dream catcher meaning)

Dreamcatcher initially uses by North American Indians, including the Ojibovo and Kerry. They have used the device to protect children and tribe members from nightmares and hostile creatures.
Dreamcatcher designs like a spider web, and it has a profound purpose.


Dreamcatchers stuck terrible dreams, just like insects get stuck in a spider’s web. But, at the same time, good dreams can easily cross the dream catcher and go to the person.
Later, as the sun rose, the bad dreams trapped in it vanished because these forces could not withstand the sun. The circle around the dreamcatcher was also a symbol of the process of life or the moon and sun’s constant movement, giving the person hope that there is always a tomorrow.

How to make a dreamcatcher?

In this video of Kim Crystal, we learn dreamcatcher DIY tutorial.

In this video of Hetal’s Art, we learn 50+ Boho! Dreamcatcher DIY Tutorial.

With these explanations, the question may arise as to whether any dreamcatcher DIY is practical and can catch bad dreams, or does it require unique design and materials?

First of all, it is better to use natural and organic materials to design your bedroom wall with a dreamcatcher. Also, make sure that the person who will make this device aware of his inner forces. To dreamcatcher DIY, the maker should know the purpose of creating a dreamcatcher. Likewise, the builder knows what the goal is.


Combining particular feathers and stones, goals such as getting rid of bad dreams calms the person, increasing the environment’s positive energy. It is also better to put it in the sunlight for a few hours after preparing the Dreamcatcher to be fully charged.

Then, hold it in your hands, communicate with it through your heart, tell it, and ask for the work (s) you want it to do for you. Then hang it in a convenient place in your bedroom where it can rotate freely.

How do you make a traditional dream catcher? – dreamcatcher DIY – dream catcher step by step

In this video of Emilie Lefler, we Learn how to make a Dreamcatcher in this simple step by step DIY tutorial. This dreamcatcher tutorial is for kids and also for those that are beginners. So don’t worry if you’ve never made one before this beginner dreamcatcher tutorial will get you started. Thank you for watching

What materials do you need to make a dreamcatcher?

1.The metal ring in desired dimensions

2.Leather straps

3.Colored feathers

4.Bead or stone in the desired color and size



you can visit itsmejd.com for more example of dreamcatcher DIY and their tutorial.

After getting acquainted with the history of dreamcatcher DIY, it is time to get acquainted with making it and making the most beautiful type of it for yourself at bedroom wall.

  • Prepare the ring to your liking.

First of all, you need a ring to make a dreamcatcher, and its material can be metal or wood.  The circle size depends on the type of Dreamcatcher DIY you use.
If you want to use it as a necklace, go for a small size, otherwise use a large ring.  Some ribbons, firm thread, feathers, beads or other decorative stones are the tools you need to make this accessory.  First, you need to cover this ring with glue and hemp or a suitable ribbon.  You can also use leather straps to cover the ring.

  • Weave spider webs

Now it’s time to play the thread and knot inside the loop to create a spider web with a beautiful geometric order.  Start with a knot at one point on the circle.

Then tie the thread to the loop at equal intervals and in a row, and make sure that the thread between two consecutive knots is entirely tight and stretched and does not look loose.
At the end of the first round, you should tie the yarn to the middle point of the yarn pieces between two consecutive knots from the first round and repeat this until you reach the first point.

This method is repeated in the next rounds until you finally reach the middle of the ring, and the distance between the sides is so tiny that it becomes a bit hole.
From the end of the thread left in the middle of this loop, you can pass a decorative bead to make your dreamcatcher DIY more beautiful.  With the help of line and loop, you have created a regular geometric shape, like a spider’s web.

  • Create strands of feathers and beads

Once the ring is complete, it is time to decorate it with beads and feathers. The yarn can make of ribbon or strong silk thread.  Pass the stone beads you want through the thread or ribbon and tie a knot at the end of each one.

Finally, tie a few colorful feathers together and tie the end with a thread. Finally, attach the tied bundle head to the end of the thread with knots or glue.

  • Dreamcatcher pendant part

If you plan to use this accessory to decorate the bedroom wall, make a loop of the desired size with the help of a ribbon and tie it on top of the nightmare ring so that you can hang it.

If you plan to use several dreamcatcher DIY together, you can pass the hanging rings of these accessories through a dried branch of a tree and turn this branch to the desired point.  This combination will be great for decorating your bedroom wall.  if you want to learn more check megmadewithlove.com


Maintenance of Dreamcatcher

The ideal model of storage of dreamcatcher DIY is in conditions exposed to sunlight and airflow during the day, and in this way, it is automatically cleaned and charged.

But if your dreamcatcher is in a place that does not receive constant sunlight, you should put it in the sun at least once a month to charge and clean.  Of course, this is for a bedroom with standard conditions.

If there are a lot of negative forces, there is naturally a need for more cleansing.  You can also sometimes light a fragrant incense under your dreamcatcher and let your dream catcher shower in the smoke of this recurrence!


Also, many energy therapists strongly believe that electromagnetic waves such as mobile waves, Wi-Fi, television, microwave, etc., produce energies that are destructive to living organisms.

Since Dreamcatcher increases the power of the environment, your Dreamcatcher DIY should be at least a few meters away from any electrical device that generates electromagnetic waves so that these destructive waves do not amplify.

Applications of Dreamcatcher DIY wall decor – dream catcher wall hanging meaning

the primary use of Dreamcatcher DIY or Dream Hunter or Nightmare Hunter is to prevent bad dreams and provide a restful and deep sleep for you, but there are other uses for Dreamcatcher, depending on the equipment used.  The slab in it and its design is different.  These features are listed:


  • Avoid nightmares and bad dreams
  • Avoid creatures and negative forces that attack a person at night
  • Increase energy and happiness during the day
  • Spread solar energy (vital energy) throughout the house
  • Relax and relieve stress from the home (or workplace) environment
  • Attract luck and filter out negative energies that may or may not enter your home
  • Disseminate the energy and properties of each stone used in the construction of Dreamcatcher DIY. For example, if turquoise use, it can cause calm and neutralize the evil eye’s energy.

What does a black dream catcher mean?

Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery.

Whether you believe in the power of Dreamcatcher DIY or you are fascinated by its beauty, it is better to look for Dreamcatcher that your intuition will lead you. Because, as much as you choose Dream catcher, it also chooses you, and your soul knows which one is right for you and your DIY room decor.

Also, suppose you want to make the most of this ancient and beautiful device. In that case, it is better always to charge and clean it and carefully observe the storage conditions mentioned above to get the best possible result.

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