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Candle making at home (Cheap homemade candles)

Candle making that most women are interested in is one of the arts. You can make candles only making at home. The role of candles in the decoration of the house is very colorful. With the help of a variety of exciting candles, you can create unique and different embellishments to decorate various parts of your home. 

If you are concerned about decorating your home with candles, it is better to make the candles you need yourself. We have brought you step-by-step candle making training in this article of DIY724, so join us with a complete and exciting homemade candles training at home. 

How to candle making


A professional candle maker needs many tools for candle making. These tools are all kinds of molds, all kinds of colors, all kinds of perfumes. But people who want to learn how to make candles recently and are beginners need a little equipment, and all this preparation is unnecessary.

Candle making supplies are

  1.  Some solid or matte paraffin 
  2.  Candlewick 
  3.  Types of jars available in the market, such as sauce jars and jams, etc., instead of molds 

1. Step-by-step candle making tutorial (how to make scented candles) 


Candle making step 1 

Pour some paraffin in a container that you do not use much and chop it with a knife, and put it on indirect heat to melt the paraffin. If we put paraffin on direct heat to melt it, the paraffin will spoil and burn. 

We create indirect heat by filling a container with water and putting it on the heat to boil. Then we put the container in which we poured paraffin on the boiling water to melt little by little.

Note that when melting paraffin, we must be careful that the temperature exceeds 90 to 100 degrees Celsius. To do this, we put a thermometer inside the paraffin container and measured the temperature. If the temperature of the paraffin is higher than this, it will not obtain the candle we want. Stir the melting paraffin with a spoon and remove it from the heat as soon as it is completely melted. 

Candle making step 2 

For candle making you should pre-wash and clean the desired glass and dry it thoroughly. We measure the glass, cut it twice the height of the wicked glass, and fix it with a small piece of paper glue or hot glue on the bottom of the mold so that the paraffin does not move. 

To prevent the wick from moving, you can tie it to a small piece of metal and put it on the bottom of the container so that it does not move. We should also fix The top of the wick in the middle. For this, you can use an ice cream stick in the middle of which we have made a hole and pass the wick through the hole to be fixed entirely. 

Candle making step 3 

After removing the paraffin from the heat, wait 2 minutes for the temperature to drop slightly. Then pour the liquid paraffin slowly and carefully into the mold and wait for the paraffin to cool. Never use the refrigerator to cool paraffin, as this will cause the candle to crack. 

Candle making step 4 

After the paraffin is completely dry and cool, cut the extra wick with scissors. Our candle is ready just as quickly. You can make different candles with this method and drive them to your taste. 

In this video of Pro Candle Supply, Learn step by step how to make a perfectly burning and strong soy candle at home.

Note that this type of candle does not separate from the mold. If you use other molds for making candles, be sure to lubricate the mold before pouring paraffin so that the candle can quickly come out of it.

2. Candle making training with crayons (How do you make your own candles?)


The method of making colored candles is the same, except when we melt the paraffin, we add some crushed crayons and pour them into the paraffin. 

 Step 1: Prepare the tools and equipment. You will need the following: 

  •  Paraffin 
  •  Wick and holder base 
  •  Crayons 
  •  Aroma for candles 
  •  A glass cup as well as utensils for heating paraffin 

Be sure to separate all paper from the crayons. Cut it into tiny parts to make it easier to melt. 

 Step 2: Pour the paraffin into a smaller metal container, place it in the previously boiled water container and wait for it to melt completely. 

 Step 3: Put the crayons in the paraffin and stir until well combined and the color of the paraffin is uniform. After about 10 minutes and when the paraffin has lost its heat and steam, add the perfume. 

 Step 4: Wash and dry the glass well. Place the wick in the middle and hold it on top with a pencil. Pour the paraffin into the glass. After the candles have cooled to room temperature, shorten the wick by about 2 to 3 cm. 

You’re going to love this video of 5-Minute Crafts PLAY, We have a ton of incredible and creative candle ideas. They come in different shapes, designs, sizes, colors, and scents! You can make these candles all on your own at home, you just need a few materials and candle wax.

3. Candle Making For Beginners with Soy Wax

In this video of Sophie Hannah, Learn how to make candles at home with soy wax. I take you through a very detailed step by step tutorial on candle making which is super easy to follow. Great if you are candle making as a beginner like me.

Candles are one of the tools you can use to decorate and beautify your home decoration, so make your home elegant with the lowest cost by getting acquainted with the simple method of candle making

We hope this article of diy724 has helped you learn how to diy candles at home. What do you think about making candles at home? What tricks do you have for make your own candles? Share your valuable views and opinions with other audiences by posting comments.

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