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11 super easy DIY lamp | Make an amazing lamp Yourself

While there are so many different types of lamps and lighting, choosing the proper lighting adds drama and creates a style for your space.
Lighting is a vital design element. Although it can cost a fortune, you can make a lamp from cheap materials, some basic DIY skills, and design the room yourself.

Here is a vast collection of lightings for the DIY lamp. Let’s take a look at these ideas on DIY724 to find the one that bests suits your needs.

How to Make a Lamp 

Once you want the DIY lamp, you should decide what type you would like to build. However, the DIY lamp process is the same for all lamp types.

DIY lamp supplies

to make a basic lamp, you need to purchase:

    1. Light bulb socket and a wire
    2. lighting fixture
    3. lampshade if you need one

 Get inspired 4 Unique DIY Lamps on youtube:

Different types of lighting you can make yourself.

1.Floral basket chandelier

You can find this simple idea on sugarandcloth. It shows you how to make a hanging basket light easily. For repurposing a basket that creates a nice glow, you would need:

    • Woven basket of your choice
    • Semi-flush mount light kit
    • Heavy-duty cutting pliers

floral basket lamp

2.Rope pendant

According to designsponge, the rope is a great material for the DIY lamp. It creates a rustic design with its pattern. Here is the list of materials you need:

    • Hanging planter basket 
    • Rope
    • Single round outlet cover plate 
    • White spray 

rope lamp diy

3.Leather pendant

If you want to make a significant impact in your space, try a DIY lamp with leather! On jojotastic you can find it as an easy way to change the tone of your room. The materials you need:

    • burgundy leather
    • twisted-pair wire
    • grounded porcelain socket
    • industrial light bulb cage

diy lamp with leather

4.Plastic Spoon Lamp

 You can find how to make gorgeous and modern lighting with plastic spoons on handimania. To DIY a lamp with a plastic spoon, you should prepare all tools and supplies:

    • sharp cutting knife
    • plastic bottle
    • Spoons
    • glue gun 
    • lightbulb

plastic spoon lamp

5.Woodland Floor Lamp

On hallmarkchannel you can create a lamp to shine a light on the natural beauty of winter. Follow these materials to build it truly:

    • Wooden sticks 
    • Wooden craft round
    • Electrical light cord
    • Mallet
    • Masking tape
    • Small screws
    • Power drill
    • Nail gun
    • Wood glue

diy lamp woodland

6.Bottle lamp

On theinspiredroom, Mellissa went through making unique lamps and lighting with character step by step with all details. If you don’t have enough knowledge or qualifications to attach the wires from the cord to the socket, ask an electrician to fix it. But what do you need?

    • glass water jug
    • shades of light

bottle lamp diy

7.driftwood lamp

to make a driftwood lamp, you can wrap the socket light around the driftwood and turn on the Edison lamp.  Just use a different type of socket playing card, and it will feel good. So simple!

DIY lamp-driftwood

8.Metallic Pendant

On sugarandcloth, there is a simple combining. You need:

    • Spray paint
    • Drill and 2 screws

9.Macramé lamp

For making this macramé as a DIY lamp project, you will use 35 metres of 0.5 cm cotton three-strand rope. Find more on collectivegen.

DIY lamp with macramé

10.Paper Lamp

 Some decorative lamp can be very simple to DIY. such as a sample we found on housebeautiful.

paper diy lamp

 11.World Globe lamp

upcycled-wonders gives you ideas how to recycle educational world globes to a creative lamp

World Globe lamp DIY



DIY lamp projects give you more freedom to choose different materials, designs, and colors. All these amazingly outstanding and beautiful projects make your stylish lighting unique. There’s nothing like the feeling you get after completing a DIY lamp process. As you know, DIY activities as benefits for your mind and wallet 😉
Hope to get inspired by the chicest and budget-friendly Diy lamp ideas for every skill level. You can make it by yourself and tackle your next project all on your own!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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