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Best window covering ideas for bedroom | DIY window treatment

New windows covering ideas, apart from their functional state, give a different look to your interior space. So maintaining their beauty in the interior space is very important and influential. Buying curtains and window coverings can be costly, so you should think before buying; otherwise, do it yourself. There are many options for window covers to suit any budget and taste. If you are interested in DIY bedroom Decor and want to decor your bedroom window, follow this blog on DIY724. On this topic __ window covering ideas for bedroom __We share the beautiful window covering with you.

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 Features of coverings | DIY window treatment ideas

Covering is useful in the bedroom, and if they are large enough to cover just the window sill, they can make the space more extensive and more open and better preserve the private area of the bedroom for those insides.
Changing the overall look of a bedroom can be done simply by installing curtains, valances, and sunshades. While window coverings are merely decorative, they also serve functional purposes. Depending on your needs, you can demonstrate the biggest benefits available in different window covering ideas:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Noise Reducing
  • Child Safety
  • Improve security
  • Change the mood

window covering types | How do you cover a window without curtains?

Covering does not always mean hiding. Sometimes you can give a different face to it by highlighting an element. You can also use different window covering ideas for window frames and create another space front.  You can well show your windows a different look if you know which style is right for your space.

 1.Window frames

Sometimes you can change the material of the frame to match the window with other interior elements. For example, instead of using the usual iron and aluminium frames, use wooden frames. You can even act more economically on the frames.  Stick to wood design stickers or other designs and enjoy.


 2.Decorative shades

To decorate a short window or when you do not like the appearance of a window but enjoy the natural light and sunshine, you can use the shades. The shades cover your entire window well and give it a unique look.


3.Roman shades

This elegant and straightforward sunscreen is a smooth and shiny alternative to old and traditional curtains.  To make it, you need to sew the ribbons to the embroidered corners of the hem and create three columns: one above the center and one-two inches apart.


 4.Wallpaper window sunshade

Wallpaper is everything that can turn a simple folding curtain into a work of art that fits in its frames.  Choose an exceptional piece of wallpaper, an antique paper that you are very interested in, or a remnant of a fabric that you have used before.

You can create a sense of solidarity with a pattern that resonates throughout the bedroom or with the same wallpaper mounted on the bedroom’s wall.  A curtain that folds upside down (rolls in front of you) is a better option.  If you want to use suitable glue, look at the paper itself for an idea.

Some papers have glue on them when you buy them, and you only need to glue them: others need some special glue.  To install wallpaper, first spread the paper flat on the work surface (which is the sunshade) and then start gluing and fixing it piece by piece from one corner to the other and try not to leave any bubbles.  Use a matte spray on it to protect sensitive and valuable paper.


5. Diy roll up shades

Make a roll sunshade that matches the style of your bedroom.  the shiny threads are wrapped around the belt at the same time to form a groove. A contrasting color for better visibility and a durable fabric Choose to make your sunscreen more durable.


6. Glass front partitions

Partitions do not always separate space. Sometimes you can use them in front of glass and windows.  Simple, white or even colored wooden models are suitable controllers.

If you are interested in traditional and modern window covering ideas, you can make partitions with the same designs that create beautiful light shadows in the space when the light shines.  Of course, these models of partitions can be installed permanently as a second door and window.


7. Japanese partitions

Japanese fabric partitions are one way to close the window glass with a method other than curtains. Primarily if they are known as white invisible partitions, but in general, depending on the type of use of space and the amount of light that enters it, you can provide different colors and thicknesses of these partitions.


8. window covering stick on

If you are tired of curtains or have space where you cannot choose the right style of curtains, stickers can be ideal options because, in addition to filtering light at the same time, they also decorate the windows.

You can harmonize the design of the glass with the style and color combination of the overall decoration.  A frosted glass label gives you an easy solution for more privacy information.  Of course, following the idea I explained to you, using stained glass art can have the same benefits for you.


9. Shutters window covering ideas

you can play with light and shadow. There are modern Plexiglas curtains that are transparent and colorful and, at the same time, maintain the simplicity of the space.  Maybe everyone will go for wooden, brown and white samples, but I want to tell you to reconcile a little with the colors and not be afraid of red, blue, pink, etc., window covering ideas.


10. Curtains with different season themes

These curtains, which are similar to shade curtains, with very diverse designs and cheerful colors, are very effective for spaces such as kitchens, hallways, balconies, bedrooms and even study rooms.  For example, by choosing patterns inspired by tropical areas with warm colors, you can create a hot atmosphere in your living room or bedroom.


11.Simple curtains

by this window covering ideas of  simple curtains, unique designs can change the look of your window. Try to choose the design and color of your curtain in harmony with your other interior elements to have a more dazzling interior.


12. Long curtains

Sometimes windows are unconventionally placed in our space and disturb the appearance of our interior space. The use of long curtains in these cases can well give a unique appearance to the interior space.


13. Moving curtains

Swing curtain is one of the unique window covering ideas that are not very common to use.  These curtains require a hinge that allows you to open and close the curtain like a door.

Movable curtains are a good and cheap solution for bedroom windows with which you can easily prevent light from entering without worrying about the curtain pleat breaking!


14. Matte panels

No list of window covering ideas can be complete without mentioning the matte panels’ very stylish and attractive appearance.  Velvet is a classic and luxurious choice that you can use to prevent light from entering the bedroom.  Velvet is a bare and beautiful fabric that beautifully shines when you put it aside.

Thick fabrics of other materials are also options for the whole window covering.  For more impact on both traditional and modern styles, go for more unusual and bold colors.


15. Silk curtains

Silk curtains are trendy for window covering ideas: they are great for any space without much cost.  Silk preserves privacy while allowing natural light into the bedroom, making it a good choice for south windows.

Silk curtains are beautiful simultaneously, and they are doubly beautiful when they hang from the ceiling to the floor.  Silk curtains are also available in different colors and sometimes designs in the market.  You can bring color to a completely neutral space by choosing a unique silk color.


16. Decorative designs of window covering ideas

Completely cover your window frame with a design. These window covering ideas can be unique designs that give your interior a unique look. You can even make them yourself from different materials, such as wood, fabric or even paper.


17. The sash of window covering ideas

Sash boards are always reminiscent of original window covering ideas to help make your windows look better, but not in the same appearance and shape, and you can do well with the particular design of the windows and the use of colored glass.  Give a different window frame and enjoy the beauty of your interior.


you can visit wayfair.com to get more window covering ideas.

What can I use to cover my windows for privacy?

Blinds can block out light and can be paired with a set of curtains or drapes. It will add color of design and look very different from curtains

How can I cover my windows cheaply?

Again blinds! this type of window covering  is generally the cheapest choice. They are hard treatments (made of metal, wood, aluminum) and it makes them popular choice for windows. Although there are many ways to cover windows on a budget, you’ll find various blind options for cheap price range.

If you want to cover your windows yourself, watch this video on youtube to find a Easy, Cheap,  and Fast window covering ideas.


What’s trending in window coverings?

According to mitslowcountry, top 3 window covering trends in 2021 are:

  1. Motorized Blinds, Smart Devices
  2.  Retro Floral or “Granny Chic”
  3. Natural Elements __  like jute, sisal and bamboo

window covering ideas can be effective in many decorations and play an essential role in designing a particular style. In this article, we provided 17 types of coverings. Now it depends on you and your taste,  your bedroom style, and of course, your budget you want o spend. You can easily try different window covering ideas for your windows. Trust on yourself.

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