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diy loft bed ideas for small rooms | How do you make a cool loft bed?

Diy loft bed ideas for small rooms are for you if you are bored of the old and cliché style of a king-size bed or queenside beds.

In this post on DIY724, we’ll show you how some amazingly soft bed designs for small rooms bring in a cozy look to your space! Take some inspiration now.

The benefits of diy loft bed ideas for small rooms

  • The loft will still look the same tiny and adorable.
  • Loft bed will give you some extra space in the small bedroom
  • You can covert the space underneath for storage
  • You can create a cozy workstation under it.
  • People won’t get into your bed
  • Kids absolutely love loft beds

diy loft bed ideas for small rooms in different kinds 


loft beds with desks
Source: pinterest

1. Loft beds with desks


loft beds with ladder and stairs
source: Pinterest

2.Loft beds with stairs and ladders


loft beds with slide
Source: pinterest

3.Loft beds with Slides


two beds for loft beds
Source: Pinterest

4.Loft beds with two beds


futons or couches for loft beds
Source: Pinterest

5.Loft beds with futons or couches


curtain loft beds
Source: Pinterest

6.Loft beds with curtains

Can I build a loft in my bedroom?

Although you might think that the loft bed is only for kid’s rooms or shared spaces, they run the gamut stylistically and are much more sophisticated these days in small apartments.

Diy loft bed ideas for small rooms are pretty straightforward DIY projects. So, you can build a loft bed in your bedroom with very simple plans. There are many design possibilities to make a loft bed. Here are some cool ideas in different sizes, styles, structures, and 2 easy plans.

Small room, huge mattress.

Loft beds are appropriate for:

  • child’s room
  • guest room
  • bedroom and even master bedroom

Do loft beds save space?

With loft beds, you’ll use the same floor space twice! So they can save space when space is limited. Add built-in storage, desks, and trundles to save more!

Loft beds save a lot of space in your bedroom. The vertical space in loft beds makes various uses that wouldn’t have been possible with the bed on the floor.

space comparison
The comparison between loft beds and regular beds

Are the loft beds safe?

If you’re sure there are no missing pieces and everything is tightened sufficiently, it’ll be safe. Consider that your ceiling should be about 100 inches high, four inches more than a traditional 8-foot ceiling.

Is it hard to make a loft bed?

Believe it or not, diy loft bed ideas for small rooms make you ready to build an awesome loft bed. Some plans will help you with a loft bed accessible by stairs or a ladder. You can add additions such as a desk, fort, storage, or a play area.

According to Afloft, building this loft bed is very simple:

loft bed sample

15 diy loft bed ideas for small rooms

You can find all these photos and more on Pinterest. Take a look at the Image+links below and navigate to any of them that you find useful for your own bedroom.

diy loft bed ideas for small rooms

Jenny describes all the details of building this awsome and easy loft bed. Jenny’s idea is a great diy loft bed ideas for small rooms. It gives extra floor space toyour room. It should only take a few hours to build. And also it’s a budget-friendly DIY project.

Other loft bed ideas small bedrooms: cool loft bed ideas

diy loft bed

diy loft bed ideas

diy loft bed


small rooms with diy loft bed


loft bed ideas small bedrooms: space-saving and multi-functional bed

Finding the right bed for your bedroom could be challenging for small rooms when it comes to finding the right bed. Diy loft bed ideas for small rooms can help you discover the best design. The best pros about loft beds are that they will save you a lot of space and promote your home style. Plus, the bedside of this loft bed is also suitable for storing.

For children, diy loft bed ideas for small rooms help you to create a perfect environment for your kids to play, study and relax so that he feels happy and fulfilled. For adults, a loft bed comes in merely irreplaceable when the apartment you rent or own is the tiniest possible.
Choose the one that catches your attention first! And if you find it useful, share it with others.

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