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green color for bedroom walls – light or dark green color for bedroom walls?

green color for bedroom walls is a wise choice for interior design. Although you can use green bedroom walls and green bedroom ideas in different parts of your home, green bedrooms color schemes are more effective. The green color is available in different shades of dark and light. So you can combine these spectrums for the interior design of your home and create a unique atmosphere in your desired sections.

As green color for bedroom walls is a suitable and ideal choice for classic and royal decorations, you can use this pleasing color for large and small bedrooms. For someone who has a busy life, coming to a green bedroom brings a feeling of energy and vigor and gives your mind and eyes a feeling of freshness.
Join us in this article of DIY724 to see this issue from different perspectives.

Green bedroom ideas – Is green color good for a bedroom?


According to Restonic, green is the easiest color to take in and the most popular color to paint rooms in the home. Think about how much we’re surrounded by greens in nature and the calming sensation it can provide when we want to take in natural landscapes and get a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

So if you’re looking for DIY bedroom decor, green color for bedroom walls is your best choice. You can use this stunning color in different ways.

  • If you want to use green color for bedroom walls to attract more attention, you can choose the color of the room walls from different ranges of green. You can also use green wallpaper and wall coverings to design the walls.

green color furniture for bedroom

  • Green color for bed and furniture is a suitable and unique color, and you can complete the beauty and charm of interior decoration by placing a bed or green furniture. For example, One element in green is a good idea.
    You can have a completely white bedroom with only one element in green, which emphasizes more on the green.
  • If you are one of those people who want to use green color in detail, you can choose curtains and cushions or bedspreads as green. Also, if you wish, you can cover one of the room’s walls with this beautiful color. The use of green plants and pots also makes green decoration attractive.

green plants in bedroom

  • If you decide to use green color for bedroom walls, use this opportunity and use some green and natural plants in your room to clean the air of your room in addition to the appearance of beauty.

using plants in bedroom

  • To have green color for bedroom walls, you do not have to paint walls. Bring green color to your bedroom wall with the help of a few green plants.

green bedroom ideas – Green color combination for wall

Do you know that the easiest color on the human eye is GREEN? This popular decorating color can combine with other elements in various colors to represents nature, calmness, freshness, relaxing, growth, fertility, safety, money, and endurance. There is some common combination below.
Now we want to answer to this questions:

– What Colour green is best for bedroom?
– What goes with green bedroom walls?


Sage green wall – light green bedroom walls


In green color for bedroom walls, The combination of green and red gives the bedroom a modern look. Use green for the walls and red for elements in the bedroom.

green wall bedroom and brown – bedroom with green walls

green and brown bedroom


The combination of green and brown color gives a unique charm to the bedroom space. You can use yellow color as a complement to this combination.

Lime green wall (green and yellow) – dark green bedroom walls

lime green bedroom wall


The combination of the green and yellow bedroom gives a new spirit to the room, and in this combination, you can use black elements.

Chartreuse (white and green) 

green and white bedroom wall


The combination of white and green gives a good view of the bedroom and helps you start your day with energy every morning. You can also use a green and white bed for this combination.

Dark green wall – dark green bedroom

dark green wall

The dark green and white color turns the bedroom into a deep forest and gives more beauty to the bedroom by using LED lights.

Pistachio green wall


Using a light green wall and setting it with beige curtains and bedspreads is a beautiful choice for a classic bedroom and this is how we create a beautiful color combination for the bedroom.

green color for bedroom walls with blue and grey

green and blue and gray bedroom

Using a green wall and a range of blue and gray colors will make the bedroom a relaxing and suitable environment for relaxation.

Green bedrooms color schemes with natural wood


Natural wood items are entirely neutral colors and can be set with anything. And its combination with a very light green wall make the bedroom space desirable.

Green and blue and white color for bedroom


Combining light green walls and elements in dark blue and white between them is very suitable for the bedroom. From this combination, a sense of relaxation can be received.

Green wall with pink


The bedroom with a green wall and elements in light pink or yellow and blue or even purple creates an exciting combination.

Gold with emerald green wall


Another combination is the golden combination with emerald green for green color for bedroom walls, which gives a luxurious look to the bedroom. Just be creative and know the color combination better to have a beautiful bedroom.

Green wall and black


The combination of the green and black bedroom also becomes a modern combination And adds an artistic sense to the room

Green wall and purple


To green color for bedroom walls, the combination of green and purple makes the bedroom artistic.

green wallpaper instead of green color for bedroom walls


In addition to green color for bedroom walls, you can do other interesting and varied things. Using wallpaper with green plants and wooden elements will make the bedroom feel summer calm and a sense of nature is induced from the bedroom.

For more ideas of green bedrooms check this site home-designing.com

We saw that you could make many beautiful combinations with green color for bedroom walls. In general, the green bedroom walls gives exciting energy and beauty to the environment and makes the atmosphere relaxing and full of good feeling. Because you can easily paint the wall of your room yourself, try to use any shade of green depending on the background of the space and your taste.

We believed thatGreen means GO!” 

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