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living room lighting – Creative diy living room lighting ideas

Although Living room lighting can be expensive, you can DIY lighting to reduce the costs. Some cost factors are the choice of specific spaces, the workplace, human resources, and work difficulty.
If you spend a lot of time in your living room, it is time to turn on the lights and let the light go into the room. There are many types of living room lighting. You need to find out what kind of lighting is best for you.
Suppose the living room lighting as a critical origin in the interior decoration is appropriately done. In that case, all the decoration components will be visible, and the living room will look more beautiful.

In this article on DIY724,  we will help you choose the proper lighting for your living room. We suggest you read the following description carefully to get creative diy living room lighting ideas.



 Tips for living room lighting design

Suppose you care about the decoration of your living room, and you want to entice attention to the color and design of the furniture in your living room. In that case, it is better to focus on living room lighting to make your reception space look more beautiful with the help of light. first lets check the diy living room décor for living room decoration.

Note that there must be multiple light sources at different levels for living room lighting to make the lighting look more pleasant. Most people think that should perfectly light the living room. This perception is incorrect. On the other hand, too much light makes you not feel comfortable and relaxed in the living room.

It is better to focus on the lighting of the living room table to attract the guests’ attention to the living room center. The most suitable light source for the center table is the classic, glamorous and beautiful chandeliers. You can install this model of chandeliers on top of the center table.

Different types of living room lighting: The living room needs three types of lighting

The ambientstudy, and emphasis are these types for lighting room lighting.

  • The Ambient lights include the overall lighting of the room.
  • Study lights are done for work
  • Accent lights are lit on certain parts of the house and objects.

Designers usually combine these three lights for the living room lighting.


 Living room lighting with natural light

Natural light is one of the best kinds of light to illuminate the house.  It is better to let the sunshine in your living room because it can illustrate it better than any artificial light.  The living room lit by the sun is a beautiful place to relax and spend your time.  But sunlight is not always available, and when the sun goes down, if sunlight is your only source of light, it will darken your beautiful, bright living room.


In this living room lighting, generate most of the light through large windows. The hidden light of the room during the day helps the natural light a little, but at night it is the lights that take on the light without being seen.
This modern, sleek living room is immersed in natural light with plenty of windows.  Using white furniture and walls that reflect all this light can make the most of this light.

How can you light your living room without lights?

  • Add More light with Mirrors.
  • Table Lamps.
  • Flameless Candles.
  • Bring in All of the Natural Light.
  • Hanging String Lights.
  • Plug-in Wall Sconces.
  • Floor Lamps.
  • Plug-in Pendant Light.

How can to DIY lights and lamps for the living room?

As we mentioned before, the living room lighting should never be underestimated – though sadly, it often is. You can start lighting a room with the primary lighting level, ambient lighting, and then adding in task lighting where you need it.

Lets watch a video on 5-Minute Crafts PLAY with simple lighting crafts. In this video we learned 16 magical DIY lights and lamp ideas. You can get ideas to decorate your living room.


pendants in living room lighting | hanging lights for living room

Pendants create a uniform light hanging from wires, chains, or rods into the room and look stylish in many designs.  These modern lights are often used in the kitchen but can also use them in the living room with proper placement.  However, these lights are highly vulnerable and may damage due to negligence around them.



Here, the living room is surrounded by an exciting pendant lamp, a lamp, and plenty of window space.  This pendant light serves as a light source and is an exciting design element that adds depth to the living room.

How to make pendant lights? DIY pendant lights for living room

Lets watch a video on yoduvh Essentials. In this video we learned How to Diy Hanging Lightings for home decoration. watch and learn.


Lets watch another video on The DIY Cottage. In this video we learned How to DIY String Pendant Lights. watch and enjoy


Living room chandelier

Another type of pendant light is a chandelier.  A chandelier is a hanging pedestal with branches containing multiple lights. Often, chandeliers have crystals or some glass with beautiful effects.  These lights use for designs that require a bit of sophistication.  Chandelier glass and crystals refract light well and scatter around the room.

Chandeliers are also vulnerable and can be very expensive, so you have to be very careful with them. These chandeliers create light with warm and pleasant light.

It is better not to use solid lamps for this model of chandeliers because the light intensity is annoying, and the charm of the chandelier also seems less. Use Several chandeliers with less light to design suitable and practical lighting in the large living room.


In this living room, use separate lights, chandeliers, and lamps to create lighting.  While the chandelier provides the leading light, the limited lighting focuses on the entertainment areas of the room.

How to DIY chandelier for your living room ?

In this video you learned how to DIY chandelier that will light up your home.



Living room ceiling lighting ideas

Incandescent ceiling lamps are the best option for living room lighting if you are a reader in these places. Next to the light switch, there should be a switch to adjust the brightness of these lamps. You can change the brightness of the room according to your needs.
The use of floor and table lamps and lights should be in places where you feel the need for more light.  These lamps create a more relaxed feeling to turn off some ceiling lights if you use them.  And finally, the last important point in the living room is to pay attention to the position of the TV table. Try not to place the light in front of the TV screen to not cause problems in your view.

Recessed lights are lighting fixtures that are installed into holes in your ceiling. They’re also popularly known as canned lights, pot lights, or high hats.

You can use living room ceiling lights with a lighting sculpture, chandelier, a coordinated theme. 


DIY ceiling lights ideas

Lets watch a video on Ty Palowski. In this video we learned How to DIY Ceiling LED Lights. lets be creative.




 Lighting with incandescent lamps

In living room lighting, these bulbs are a series of tiny bulbs connected and often covered under a fabric. It seems remarkable to use them to decorate a room, but these lamps do not have enough power to illuminate a place entirely.
This living room has various lighting elements that are all beautifully integrated: pendant lamps, embossed lamps for works of art, and filament lamps.




Wall sconces for living room

Wall sconces are another element of living room lighting.  A sconce is a small lamp attached to a wall, and its light is limited to the wall only.  Of course, these lights often direct their light upwards.  Wall sconces give a beautiful theme to the living room and are usually not used as the only light source and use in conjunction with other lamps.

In this picture, you can also see the game with lighting.  Using this type of lighting has a great feature that can operate in different places to create dynamic and exciting designs.

DIY wall sconces ideas for living room

Lets watch a video on TheSorryGirls. Wall sconces are all the rage right now. in this video, we are making four SUPER easy and inexpensive wall sconces!


 Living room lighting with lampshades | table lamps for living room

If you are not interested in installing the lighting mentioned above, you can always choose this model of lamps. In living room lighting, Lampshades come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. You can select the model you want according to your appearance and lifestyle. So lampshades can be an ideal choice for living room lighting. In the picture below, you can see an example of lighting in a stylish and modern living room.


Stand lampshades are part of stylish lights that can illuminate a modern and simple living room. These lamps provide great heat for sitting and reading a book. Some lampshades also have an adjustable base, making them an ideal lamp to focus your light on where you need it.

 DIY table lamps ideas for living room

Lets watch a video on Welcome to the Woods.. In this DIY glass table lamp tutorial, you will learn how to drill through glass, how to use a hanging light cord for lamp wiring, and how to attach an IKEA lampshade onto any lamp using the bulb!


Battery lights and led living room lighting, which is also place between porcelain dishes and decorative stones, can be a good idea to create indirect lighting in the living room lighting.




If there is a buffet in the living room, you can place halogen lamps and living room recessed lighting with soft light inside the buffet and use these lamps as indirect lighting.
Another exciting idea for the living room lighting design is the lighting around the false ceiling. Note that the lighting in the ceiling can reflect more details of the architect’s work.

In this article, you got acquainted with a variety of practical ideas for Living room lighting. Also, you can DIY the living room lighting fixtures that we show you. We hope you can create stylish and functional lighting in your home’s living room by following the example of these lights (lights living room). Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment.

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