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Kitchen paint colors – DIY cabinet kitchen colors

The soul of the home is your kitchen. Using the right kitchen paint colors is a great way to create the character in the space without major repairs. despite the infinite number of colors, choosing the color of the kitchen decoration can be difficult, and the question arises of what color is suitable for the kitchen. 

When it comes to kitchen paint colors, colors like white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green are shine, but it has been scientifically proven that warm neutral colors and light colors are the best choices. These colors make family members feel comfortable in the kitchen. 

Therefore before you go out to buy the first can of paint, take a look at this article of DIY724, to see best kitchen colors and kitchen wall colors. This information and facts about colors will surprise you. also the article kitchen lighting design will help you to designing your kitchen.


Rules for choosing the right kitchen paint colors

  1. The authorities for selecting the right kitchen paint colors always warn that dark and neutral colors like blue, green, gray, and other cold colors prevent the feeling of hunger. Therefore, these colors are used in the kitchen to prevent people from overeating. 
  2. we can say that the appropriate kitchen paint colors is better to be chosen according to the needs and tastes of family members. For example, most people think that black is not the right color for the kitchen. But the combination of the black and white color of the table and pendant lamps or the steel color of the kitchen island has created a unique beauty. 

What is the most popular color for a kitchen?

Generally, the choice of the kitchen’s color depends on your taste. The kitchen’s perfect colors are White, ivory, yellow, red, green, blue, and gray, both for walls and accents.

How to paint kitchen cabinets – DIY cabinet kitchen colors

In this video of B&Q, Watch our step-by-step video showing how to paint kitchen cabinets, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence.

In this video of Carissa Cleans It All, we show you DIY budget kitchen ,makeover, white cabinet painting, All for $350.

Kitchen paint ideas

When it comes to kitchen paint colors, many colors are involved, we mention some of them below. stay with us to enjoy. We hope you have used these ideas.

Use warm kitchen paint colors



With proper lighting and color scheme, you can balance any neutral color. But the question is, what do you think is the balanced color? If you are concerned about selecting the wrong kitchen paint colors, then be sure to use lighter neutral colors. These colors never go out of sight and keep everyone happy. 


Most people may think that neutral colors are a little boring and sleepy. But it was not, and it should not be. By adding cheerful colors to the kitchen decoration, you can balance the neutral colors and make them a little happier. Also, blue, green, lilac, and similar colors, cool and soothe the kitchen. For example, the use of the cream color for cabinets, floors and walls has created a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and also, the cabinets show their beauty twice.

White and unique kitchen paint colors



Some designers of interior design styles, such as Christopher Peacock, have become very famous for designing and promoting all-white kitchens. We summarize this design: white walls, white cabinets, white ceilings, white countertops, white floors, and everything white. If something is missing, know that it is also white. 


If you want to whitewash your kitchen from floor to ceiling:

  1. Use modern designs.
  2. Choose white chairs, white wall clocks, and other accessories, all in white.
  3. Finish with a refrigerator and steel pendant lamps. 


White itself is a different world in interior design. White is a beautiful, unique, and eye-catching color. the kitchens, designed by “Peacock” and his counterparts, have a modern, aristocratic style. Like the homes of wealthy Wall Street traders. Now you know what kind of kitchens are intended? 

Kitchen with Dark gray, light gray or silver 


The combination of different degrees of a particular color (dark, medium, and light), such as gray, create a relaxing atmosphere with these kitchen paint colors. When the color difference between many parts of the kitchen is not so noticeable, the space will look more significant than its actual area. You can try the same combination with any other color you want. 



The only important point is that the difference between the colors of the different parts should not be too significant. 

Use red-toned colors for the kitchen



Not everyone may go for red to choose the right kitchen paint colors. But maybe red is suitable for adding vibrancy to your kitchen. In kitchens that use many dark colors, such as kitchens with black cabinets, red can overcome the darkness of the space.

red-color-kitchen                      red-colors-for-the-kitchen                       red-toned-colors-for-the-kitchen

Also, red and colors from the red family, with steel colors, create a beautiful, stylish, and modern combination. Of course, the misuse of red can make the space unbearable. If you want to use red colors, be sure to consult decoration design experts. 

Use brown color for the kitchen



In kitchen paint colors, Brown falls into the category of earthy colors, and its use in the kitchen creates the feeling that the food served in that kitchen is organic. Brown is also one of those neutral colors that does not disappoint anyone. Many attractive colors are set with brown. Look at the pictures. The reddish-brown on the walls makes a great combination with the dark brown cabinets. Burnt brown will surely satisfy you if you are not very fond of brown color, but you want to use it in your kitchen composition.

Use light yellow for the kitchen



Many homeowners and interior designers agree that light yellow is one of the best options for kitchen paint colors. The soft yellow is very intimate, warm and compatible with almost any wooden cabinet. Yellow, like white, has maximum light reflection.

best-yellow-cabinet-fir-kitchen       light-yellow-kitchen        yellow-color-for-kitchen

If your home is not sunny or does not have a alive atmosphere, yellow is one of the best options for interior design. And of course, like white, it does not create the feeling of a clean and sterilized hospital environment. Combine warmer and bolder yellows with black and dark designs to create the sense of a traditional and classic kitchen. 

Kitchen with mint green, (light blue-green), and white 


The combination of these colors, like the previous case, gives a relaxing atmosphere to your kitchen, with the difference that the variety of two colors, mint green, and sea blue, makes it a little fresher and more lively. The use of white color also gives the necessary shine and light to the kitchen. A little orange color in some parts also offers an exceptional warmth to the space. with these kitchen paint colors, makes the kitchen look more beautiful. 

dark-green-kitchen         green-kitchen-paint-ideas           Kitchen-with-mint-green

White and black kitchens


The stark contrast between white and black can make your kitchen look more prominent. Whiten kitchen walls (or a variety of white color spectrums) and use black on cabinets; In this way, the cabinets and the kitchen space in general, with the help of white color, will be more prominent and more attractive. 


For other parts and kitchen utensils, you can use almost any other color you like. when choosing the best kitchen paint colors, you can also take advantage of the remarkable contrast between white and black, thus choosing the colors of the other parts more freely. 

Use blue colors for the kitchen 


In most cases, blue is not on the list of suitable kitchen paint colors. It has always been thought that blue suppresses appetite and is a color that causes depression. After all, what has blue got to do with food? 


As for blue color, it will create one of the best and most unique kitchens if it is combined with the right colors and if used in the right amount. If you use blue, it will be easy for you to set the color of the kitchen and reception. Do not underestimate the blue. Use it properly to change everyone’s opinion about blue. 

blue-colors-for-the-kitchen          kitchen-in-blue          navy-blue-kitchen

Final tips to kitchen colors for small kitchen

  1. Prioritize the choice of light and cool colors as much as possible. these colors have the most significant impact on making the space look bigger. Colors such as light blue or green remind us of calm and free natural areas such as the sky and oceans. Also, warm colors such as red, orange, or lemon green are not recommended. The kitchen space with such colors will look smaller. 
  2. The use of indigo or light green colors makes the kitchen space more inviting and more oversized. By using pastel colors, you can make the feeling of calmness in the area more and more tangible. 
  3. If you are interested in more modern and contemporary interior design and decoration, it is recommended to use sky blue. 
  4. The use of glossy colors also helps make the kitchen look more spacious because these colors reflect light and thus make the space appear larger. 
  5. Use dark colors for the two facing walls in the kitchen and light colors for the other two walls. The contrast between light and dark colors also plays a vital role in making the space appear larger. 

 In the end you can get more ideas from this site goodhousekeeping.com.

What are the new colors for kitchens in 2021?

  • light blue
  • Green: From soft sage to dark mossy colors
  • pink
  • Orange
  • Light grey
  • Black and white
  • Go red

Remember, the rules for using kitchen paint colors and kitchen colour combination discussed in this article are for your guidance only and relating to your taste. We hope you have used these kitchen paint ideas or cabinet kitchen colors to choose the color of your kitchen. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to share them with us in the comments section. We look forward to answering your comments.

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