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Yarn Wall Hanging – How to DIY Yarn wall hangings in bedroom

The Yarn Wall Hanging has many different colors and types, and because of these designs, produce with fleece is extensive and endless. Many wall hangings are made of yarn and are very popular all over the world.

if you are a woman that Empty walls make you tired and dull, especially when the wall is just plaster or a simple neutral color like white, cream, and brown. Yarn Wall Hanging and yarn wall art is a cheap and simple boho wall decor to make the decoration of walls attractive. You can make your own extraordinary and stylish examples with patterning and a little perseverance.

Exciting and creative models of DIY room decor can be instrumental in rooms decoration and turn an empty wall into the most beautiful part of the room. macrame yarn and yarn wall hanger are part of the decorative items that all designers recommend using on the walls of our rooms.

However, you can use various equipment and things to decorate the rooms wall. One of these funny and stylish decorations is cotton pendants. Pendants made of Different yarn with charms beautify your walls and give a warm and intimate atmosphere to your space. Would you like to use these pendants to decorate your wall?  The following pictures show some yarn wall hanging ideas and diy wall hanging, see these photos and get ideas.

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Learn how to DIY Yarn Wall Hanging step by step

If you are interested in traditional handicrafts and are looking for different wall decorations, it is not wrong to try Yarn Wall Hanging. Due to their different textures and materials, these string pendants make the cold wall of the house attractive and tangible. They are one of the most popular pendant decorations for those interested in traditional decoration styles. So it is better to choose your favorite Yarn Wall Hanging color as soon as possible and apply it.


 Materials needed to woven wall hanging

  • Yarn in the desired color and number
  • Wooden stick
  • Yarn or wire
  • A piece of cardboard or carton

How to make a Yarn Wall Hanging?


there are 6 steps to make a yarn hanging which we explain below:

1.wrapping yarn around the carton

To make a traditional Yarn Wall Hanging, you must first wrap any color of yarn around the carton. Depending on the size of each tassel, increase or decrease the amount of yarn you wrap around the carton. And finally, cut the end of the thread. Place a piece of yarn as a hanger between the wrapped yarn and the carton.

2.Close the head of the yarn

Now cut the ends of the carton from the middle with scissors. Tie the thread that you put as a hanger tightly and consider a piece of yarn to tie the tassels.

3.Close the head of the camouflage tassel , close the head of the tassel tightly with a piece of yarn and tie it.

4.Put wood on hanger straps, After we have prepared a few of these yarn tassels, we have to attach them to the wood.

5.Tie the tassels to the wood, Tie yarn tassels to the wood in short and long shapes and at equal distances.

6.Twist the wire of the wire hanger for tassels, After connecting all the yarn tassels, we make a pendant for this traditional yarn by twisting a thread or wire.

In this way, we made a beautiful and colorful Yarn Wall Hanging that we can set with decor.

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yarn wall hanging ideas – How do you make a boho wall decor?

Mostly in boho style we have yarn wall hanging. Boho yarn wall hanging are made of different materials such as fabric, yarn, metal, wood, paper, and glass. In addition to being decorative, they can use in many ways. watch these videos below to learn how to make boho yarn wall hanging.

In this video on OiOiOi With Jessi, we show you How to make DIY boho yarn wall hangings with wood and yarns.

In this video that found on toDIYfor, we learn $10 yarn wall hanging for a very large wall that you have no idea what to do with it.

In this video that found on Crafts By Anu, Learn How to make yellow simple wall hanging with Yarn on this video

1.Yarn Wall Hanging with leather


Yarn is just one of the materials use to make a stylish and creative wall hanger. Another great idea is to use tanned leather. You can use a combination of simple materials such as tanned leather, paper tags, gold foil, and plain yarn to connect the shapes. The beauty of leather yarn Wall Hanging is their simplicity, which can make with just a few simple instruments. check ohohdeco.com

2.Macramé wall hanging


As this ancient art has become so popular and money-making in recent years, artists offer innovative methods and designs for Macramé knotting. All you need to do to start Macramé wall hangings is to learn how to knotting so for more information check it immediately.

3.Yarn Wall Hanging with vase


Small pots and the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants are standard in many homes and apartments today. This factor provides an excellent opportunity for homeowners to use these ornamental and medicinal plants as decorative ornaments with yarn. They give a happy color to the room that many of us need.

Making a Yarn Wall Hanging vase


This decorative pendant model can use for the rooms wall. To make a simple decorative pendant, you need empty glass or vases, hemp or yarn, custom colors, scissors, or cutting tools.

The first and most crucial step to make this model is knit yarn. This weave should be durable enough. Place the glass to be used as a vase inside the woven cord. If you wish, you can use different colors to paint the yarns, and through this, you will have more beautiful hanging vases.

you can see, this yarn wall hanger and macrame yarn model can prepare in different colors and designs at the lowest cost and use creativity with simple instruments, making your wall more beautiful.

Many get more complex decisions for the wall, such as wallpaper or installing wall labels and painting boards. Such decorations cost a high cost and therefore get out of reach. Instead, the exciting and creative models of the Yarn Wall Hanging are a much better idea than we have explained in this article. share your thoughts of yarn wall décor and diy wall hanging with us in the comments section.

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