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DIY canopy bed curtains ( How to make canopy bed curtains)

Canopy bed ideas

Perhaps you are one of the people that have chosen various decoration methods with DIY room decor for your bedroom. Many shared ideas have a duplicate for you. Are you looking for a specific way to make your bedroom different? If you have not tried using the DIY canopy bed curtains, I suggest you go for it. The canopy of the bed placed on top of the bed is different from the curtains usually used to prevent insects’ entry.

In this article of DIY724 , we have prepared examples of canopy for bed and bed curtains for you.  According to these examples, you can choose extraordinary ideas from them and use them in your bedroom decoration.

Canopy for bed – canopy bed ideas


Canopy bed curtains are a decorative bed model similar to four-column beds.  A vertical beam extends 1.2 meters or more from the mattress at each corner of a regular canopy.  Decorative fabrics usually hang in the space between the columns, and thick cloth, like a canopy, covers the ceiling, and sometimes a canopy is placed directly on the bed.

You can create A canopy to provide more warmth and privacy in standard bedrooms without central heating.  These private bedrooms, where only one person slept, were virtually unknown in medieval and early European modernity.  It was common for the rich and nobles to sleep in the same bedroom with their crew and bodyguards.

Most castles and houses of aristocrats use materials such as wood, clay tiles and stone to build roofs.  But the top of the poor peasant house was made of thatch.  They usually slept on the floor or a mat, and although they needed a canopy to protect the waste from thatched roofs, they deprive of it.

The spring of the luxurious aristocratic Canopy bed curtains with wooden frames was made of intertwined ropes or leather straps. A fluffy mattress, fur sheets and bedspreads, duvets and pillows were placed to rest and easily transferred. There were other castles.  At first, hung the curtains from the ceiling but later added a frame to the top of the bed. On which both turned the canopy fabric and hung the curtains.

diy bed canopy; How to make canopy bed curtains (How do you make canopy curtains?)

In this video of martiemilla, we show you Cheap and easy tutorial to make your own canopy.

How do you hang canopy bed curtains?

In this video of Simply Mae’s Thoughts, we show you how To make a Chik DIY Bed Canopy Curtains on a budget. This is a Room Decorating Idea that is Budget Friendly and guaranteed to keep you sane during this Corona Virus Quarantine! It is also a Home Decorating idea for Craft Lovers which the end result adds Uniqueness to the overall Presentation in the Home.

In this video of Lulu Sapphire, I’ll show you how to create 3 amazing Pinterest inspired DIYs using Dollar Tree items. These DIYs are perfect to decorate your bedroom, specially for a nursery, girl’s bedroom and even a teenager’s room.

The string of lights at the top illuminates the room and adds a touch of sparkle. An easy, pretty, and inexpensive way to transform any style bed into a canopy bed, it will suit every bed and every room. this video found on NishWish.

Can you put regular curtains on a canopy bed?

Canopy bed curtains use with traditional long, heavy, and thick curtains. On the other hand, Transparent curtains, are almost entirely transparent and create less private, but allow light and air to pass easily through the fabric.

History of Canopy bed curtains

In European castles, the master and his family usually slept in a large hall with all the crew and bodyguards.  The staff had to serve them, and the guards slept in the same room for extra security.  The aristocratic family slept at the end of the hall and separated from the rest of the bedroom using simple curtains.

Over time, they built separate rooms for the aristocracy in the castle, but although the lords and ladies had their beds, still shared the rooms still shared for greater security and comfort.  Therefore, to prevent the intrusion of cold and privacy, unveiled the master’s bed, and their companions slept on the floor or bench in the same room.  The decoration of the curtain above the bed also comes from here.

diy bed canopy; DIY Canopy bed curtains of the tradition of European bridal dowry


Since ordinary people’s houses were not warmer than castles, it was common to hang a simple curtain to warm the room and separate the living space from the sleeping area.

Gradually, these beds became popular and, as they imitated the customs and dress of the aristocracy, they imitated the style of their furniture.  From the 16th century onwards, inlaid wood with expensive fabrics became famous for such beds.  In China, for example, before 1911, family Canopy bed curtains were one of the essential pieces of home furniture and even part of brides’ dowry.
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The difference between four-poster beds and canopy beds


Although Canopy bed curtains and four-poster beds often use interchangeably, they are different.  The four-column beds have a frame made of four columns in each corner of the bed.

These columns used sometimes to hold the fabric cover on top of it. Four-column beds do not necessarily have curtains, but sometimes a cover keeps them warm or keeps insects away. Canopy bed curtains have a suspended fabric roof, and curtains usually hang from the sides.

The fabric used for this purpose is relatively thin and transparent.  Hemp beds do not necessarily have columns in every corner, and instead, curtains are often held on a wall or ceiling using a pedestal.  There are several ways to hang and decorate overhead curtains on canopy beds, some of which you can easily make.

 Ideas for DIY Canopy bed curtains decoration


1.The use of delicate fabrics like silk has created a completely relaxing atmosphere, and the strip lamps on the screen have given it an utterly dreamy effect, evoking a calm and pleasant sleep.


2.If your bed does not have a crown, you can use fabrics with delicate designs for the wall above the bed, and This exaggerates the space without exaggeration.  Also, by installing curtain rods on the walls and ceiling and along with the fabric on it, you can easily make a beautiful Canopy bed curtains for your bedroom.


3.you can use soft fabrics in the Canopy bed curtains, along with the installation of a simple mirror on the back wall, which has turned the bedroom into a cozy place and the bed into a dream bed.


4.Incandescent lamps are gorgeous both in between Canopy bed curtains and stretched only on the bed’s canopy.  In this case, they look like a significant element in the bedroom.


5.Have you ever thought that can turn a tablecloth into a canopy for a bed?  You can use your tablecloth as a curtain above the bed by installing two curtain rods on the wall top and the ceiling.
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Bed-Canopy-Curtains like hotels

6.The delicate white curtains that hang from the four corners of the bed are reminiscent of the beds we usually see in hotels.  Its dreamy and soft look will quickly affect your bedroom and make it more prosperous.


7.Turn your child bedroom into a camp with canvas fabric painting. And indeed, with such a bed, your child will love his bedroom more.


8.Using a curved bar, you can create such a unique look in your little girl’s bedroom. Although the design of this Canopy bed curtains is suitable for a little girl’s bedroom, it is so imaginative that adults also tempted to install one of them as a cozy corner for studying in their bedroom.


9.Adding little tent to one of the fun local kids’ bedrooms they want will make them happy. Naturally, they enjoy playing and mischief in this lovely atmosphere.


10.You can make a dream and cheap Canopy bed curtains for your master bedroom with a curtain rod, a few rolls of plaque and silk curtain without the need to spend extra money.


11.Make a dream cocoon around your bed with just a soft, shiny cloth. You can silk curtains on a string of wire passed through the loop hooks of the ceiling and decorate it plants.

Today’s canopy beds

Canopy bed curtains are still popular today because of their magnificent design and appearance.  Today’s canopies fall into two categories: traditional and modern.

Bed drapes

Most traditional canopies have Victorian style with either metal bar frames or engraved wooden columns and frames.  They use pleated fabrics full of patterns and sometimes relatively heavy materials.

On the other hand, modern canopies are usually more straightforward in design and are made of wood, metal, or combining. Modern canopies are generally based on the bed base, have minor detail, and have sharp, geometric designs.  These beds, both modern and traditional, make your bedroom more luxurious.

Canopy for bed

Our bedroom is an essential part of our home that is supposed to be a safe place for our hours of rest and privacy.  For this reason, the good choice of bedding and other accessories such as Canopy bed curtains is usually crucial. In this article, we mentioned  canopy for bed and bed curtains . We hope this article has been helpful.

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