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25 Diy photo albums (diy photo book)

If you have a lot of photos for which you have not yet found a suitable diy photo albums, or you like to put some memorable images in a unique album, we suggest a handmade photo album.

Albums are available in several designs and sizes. In this post of DIY724, we will discuss and teach you how to make diy photo albums that you can give your friends as a special gift. we share examples of these beautiful albums and the tools of which are easily accessible to all of you.

Learn how to make diy photo albums

Discover how to create your own DIY Photo Album for christmas with kikki.K.

In this video of Nafsi’s Craft, we show you how to make a photo box.

In This tutorial video of Love For Crafts, we learn how to make tiny Photo Album.

This video of Mei-Ying Chow, where she decorate her scrapbook, giving you some of the top tips to create your own journal and show you all of the scrapbook tools! we hope it gave you some inspiration to start your own diary!


  • square photo template
  • junior label maker
  • gold and black label refills
  • brown ribbon scrapbook A4
  • brown ribbon scrapbook for UK folks
  • Instax mini link printer
  • Instax blue marble film
  • date stamp
  • background paper trim craft UK
  • background paper trim craft worldwide
  • christmas background paper
  • clear sticker paper
  • brown sticker paper worldwide
  • brown sticker paper UK
  • white sticker paper
  • white gel pen
  • pentel black brush pen
  • photo corner stickers UK
  • photo corner stickers worldwide
  • 3m craft spray adhesive
  • washi tape collection
  • alphabet stamp kit
  • stamp pad sets worldwide

With minimal tools, you can easily make a memorable album. Photo albums are generally a appliance used to store and preserve the photos of our loved ones.

Items needed for diy photo albums


  1. Some paper or cardboard of the same size
  2. A plastic cache
  3. Matte glue
  4. Punching machine

Steps for diy photo albums

  1. Use some paper or cardboard of the same size for the album pages. The thickness of the cardboard and their color depends on your opinion. But it is recommended to use cardboard with different colors and consistency for the album cover.
  2. Glue each photo on a page with matte glue. (We suggest your album is one-sided so that the images are not spoiled)
  3. Punch a hole in the whole side of the album pages with a punching machine.
  4. Pass the plastic, pull through the hole and hook it.

Pure and new ideas for making handmade photo album

Find 25 tutorials for beautiful diy photo albums projects that make perfect gifts for mother’s day, grandparents, father’s day, weddings, Christmas and more.

diy photo album scrapbook



DIY Brag Book




DIY Magnetic Album



Accordion Photo Box



Adorable DIY Photo Album




DIY Instagram Photo Box




DIY Photo Album with Instax Film




Mini Photo Album






DIY Flip Photo Album


diy photo album cover

Need a special gift for a special person? Looking for a unique way to personalize your diy photo albums? Want to find a crafty way to make some cash? This DIY tutorial of DIY with Danica, is for you! Check out the DIY and you’ll learn how to. Turn a plain photo album into a beautiful keepsake.

Handmade photo album

Some events are critical in a person’s life, such as graduation, entering university, marriage, birth, the anniversary of a special occasion and etc. We always want to keep the beautiful memory of these days in the best way. We told you a few ways to save photos and memories of these dear memories with diy photo albums and diy photo album scrapbook. We hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful.

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